Solar System Solutions for Super Markets and Marts

For average shoppers, supermarkets and marts are all about accessing all their required products under one roof. However, for the administration of supermarkets and marts, it’s a consistent effort to maintain the building to keep the food items fresh.

Supermarkets have spurred up rapidly across all the major cities of Pakistan. Karachi being the economic hub and the most populous city of Pakistan is also home to the most number of supermarkets and marts. These parts are an active attraction for shoppers in Karachi, who get to access all their groceries and other accessories right under one roof. However, for supermarket administrations, it’s an uphill battle to maintain the equipment and machines with chronic electricity outages.

Thankfully solar for supermarkets and marts has emerged as the lifesaver for these energy-intensive businesses.

Solar2000 – The Greener way to meet the energy requirement for supermarkets and marts

Supermarkets and marts have unique and high energy demands. These energy-intensive marts required a comprehensive and reliable supply of energy to keep their operations up and running.

At Solar 2000, we bring in customized solar energy solutions for supermarkets and marts in Karachi. We bring in a range of solar panel installation solutions that are meant for optimal utilization of space available for the installation of solar panels.

By utilizing the highest quality components along with the latest technology solution, we are offering supermarkets in Karachi complete and reliable solutions to meet their energy needs affordability. All our solar power solution for marts comes with a guarantee for components’ quality, and dedicated customer support, to ensure higher ROIs for your business.

Why is solar for supermarkets and mart is the right choice?

By committing to the solar panel installation, supermarket and marts get various benefits including;

–         Saving on electricity consumption cost

As mentioned, grid electricity in Pakistan is the most expensive in the region. By installing solar photovoltaic systems, supermarkets minimize their dependency on grid electricity and access an unlimited supply of clean and free energy to meet their needs.

–         Consistent Power Supply

The chronic electricity shortages in Karachi adversely impact the operations of supermarkets, especially spoiling the food items. With high-quality and reliable solar for supermarkets and marts, the administration can ensure a reliable and consistent supply of electricity without any fear of power outages.

–         Great for Branding

The world is moving towards renewable energy and companies taking green initiatives are highly appreciated by consumers for their environmental policy. By adopting solar powers, supermarkets get an instant competitive advantage, as they brand themselves as sustainable and responsible business model

Why Solar2000

When you partner with Solar2000; you can be sure of partnering with a reliable and responsible agency that has been working in the industry for over a decade. We bring in international expertise, decades of experience, and the highest quality standards for solar for supermarkets and marts. Some of the reasons to choose Solar2000 as your preferred partner for solar panel system installation includes;

  • Professional and qualified engineers and technicians
  • International recognition and experience
  • Highest quality standards for product and service
  • Dedicated customer supper and service
  • After installation services
  • Competitive pricing
  • Free quotation