Solar System Panel for Universities

Karachi is home to the most number of public and private universities in Pakistan. The economic hub of the country is also the educational hub where students from all across the country come to receive international standard education in different fields.

Solar For Universities – Towards a brighter future!

In the last few years, more and more private sector universities have resorted to solar power solutions as a means to meet their energy needs. The advancement in solar technology has made it possible for universities and other educational institutions to reliably adopt solar power to meet the energy requirements of the institute.

Why do you need to choose Solar2000 Solar for university solutions?

Here are some benefits of choosing our solar power solution for university;

–         Cost-saving

As mentioned, grid electricity is highly expensive in Pakistan, and energy bills make up a significant portion of the expenses for universities. Our solar energy solution enables you to reduce or even eliminate the need for grid electricity, saving you millions of rupees annually on energy bills

–         Reliable power supply

Unlike grid electricity which is plagued with frequent power outages, our solar energy solutions come with a guarantee of an uninterrupted and consistent supply of power to meet the needs of the institutes. At Solar2000, our expert surveyors work with the university administration to assess the total demand for electricity and install an adequate solar system to ensure a consistent and reliable power supply.

–         PR Benefit

While the cost-cutting and reliable supply of energy may be tangible benefits of switching to solar energy systems for universities, the PR benefit remains the biggest and most significant intangible benefit for universities.

Just like around the world, students and parents in Pakistan are opening up to the idea of environmental conservation. Even many businesses are committing themselves to green and clean energy sources to appeal to environmentally conscious consumers. In this regard, our solar for universities solution can be a great PR boost to your institute to appeal to a growing number of environmentally conscious students and parents. Moreover, with a solar-powered campus, you will be in a better position to attract environmentally conscious businesses to invest.

Producing your electricity via solar energy has proven to provide excellent public relations benefits for schools and private businesses alike. There’s a growing interest among the general public

Our Solar Solutions for Universities:

At Solar2000, our dedicated solar for universities program is meant to facilitate universities across the city to implement solar energy sources as per their unique requirements and ground realities. We are offering multiple solar for universities solutions completely customized to the need of individual institution;

–         Roof mount solar installation

This is the most common and ideal for universities with large flat roofs. This solar for universities solution is also the most efficient and economical

–         Parking Lot Solar Solution

If there isn’t a large enough rooftop to install an adequate level of the solar panel system, we can use the parking lot solar canopy to install solar canopy as per the energy requirement of the institute

–         Pole-Mount Solar Installation

When there isn’t a flat roof but adequate space is available, we may install a pole-mount solar solution to maximize energy generation for the institute

–         Building-integrated Solar Panel system

This solar for universities solution is an idea for institutes that may need remodeling or expansion in the future. This solution ensures that the institutes are able to leverage solar energy unobtrusively.

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