Solar Panel Systems for Schools

Solar Power for Schools – Towards a Brighter Future!

Like most parts of the country, Karachi has been plagued with chronic electricity shortages for decades. And just like all other parts of personal and professional lives, the long power outages has compromised the quality of education at school levels. While electricity outages in schools make it difficult for students and teachers to effectively concentrate on education, it also makes it difficult for school administration to give students a conducive learning environment. To add woes, the cost of the grid electricity in Pakistan is amongst the most expensive in the region, making it difficult for schools to cope with rising prices of power.

Solar2000’s dedicated solar for schools program is meant to give these critical educational institutions in the country a sigh of relief. We bring in the most extensive and customized solar for schools solution that is meant to assess the need for electricity consumption in schools and work with administrators to come up with the right solution as per their needs and requirements.

Many schools in Karachi have already implemented solar energy solutions, to ensure a consistent and reliable supply of free of cost electricity, while we are working with various other public and private sector schools to further improve the adoption rate of solar power systems for schools in Karachi.

Solar2000 – Your Gateway to Free & Green Energy

Solar2000 customized solar power solutions for schools are meant to give you a comprehensive energy solution in line with your school’s energy needs. Our expert assessor with survey the school to assess the total amount of energy demand and offer you the best solution that’s affordable and delivers the best value for your investment.

We are committed to providing affordable and customized solar power solutions for schools in Karachi, not only to ensure a consistent supply for electricity but also to raise awareness for the importance and benefits of renewable energy amongst the future generation.

Why solar photovoltaic solution ideal for schools in Karachi?

Solar energy is ideal for schools for various reasons including;

– Most of the schools operate in day timing when there is ample sunlight. By installing solar panels, schools would be able to completely cover their energy requirement for the day

– By implementing solar for schools, the institutes will significantly reduce the cost of energy consumption by accessing free unlimited power supply

– By utilizing solar energy, schools can get rid-off expensive grid electricity-saving massive costs on energy bills

– Most schools have open and large rooftops, which make these buildings ideal facilities to install a large solar power system

– Solar for schools is the best way for educational institutes to teach kids the importance of renewable energy and motivate them to take such initiatives at home as well

Solar2000 – Promoting Renewable Energy where it matters most!

Solar2000’s solar for schools program is exclusively meant to help schools understand their energy needs and deliver them with the highest-quality and reliable solar energy solution to meet the energy needs.

We are an internationally experienced solar energy service company committed to bringing the Green Revolution to Pakistan. We believe that change lies with the future generation and by implementing the solar for schools program we are laying the foundation of Green Pakistan.