Solar Panel Solutions for Hospitals in Karachi

Hospitals come under crucial services, where lives are saved. It’s an energy-intensive industry where it’s important to maintain a consistent and reliable supply of electricity at all times. Any loss of electricity at hospital facilities may lead to loss of lives, and malfunctioning of costly imported medical equipment.

Fortunately, there’s a way out for hospitals in Karachi…

Solar2000 – Supporting the Hospitals in Karachi

Solar for hospitals is the best and most viable energy source. Solar2000’s Solar panels for hospitals not only offer hospitals a consistent and reliable supply of energy at all times but also significantly reduces the cost of electricity consumption, as compared to the grid electricity in Karachi.

Our comprehensive solar power for hospitals solution enables healthcare facilities to continue playing their important role in promoting green energy consumption in the country, whereby, they get to utilize unlimited free energy consumption for decades.

What to consider for Solar power for hospitals?

As the leading solar energy solution provider in Pakistan, we take it our responsibility to guide our clients with the important considerations in choosing the right solar power solution. Here are some of the aspects you should consider when looking to install a solar PV system for hospitals in Karachi;

–         The purpose of installation

While the primary purpose of solar power for hospitals in Karachi is to keep up with a consistent electricity supply, there may be other purposes as well. For instance, many private hospitals may opt for solar power systems to reduce their dependence on costly grid electricity, whereas, others may install solar power for hospitals as a backup source in case of power outages. It’s important to consider the purpose because it will help hospitals install the aptest solar power system as per their needs.

–         The load solar power system for the hospital has to support

Once you determine the purpose of installation, next you should consider the maximum load that the system would have to support. In most cases, hospitals intend to support critical life-saving equipment on solar power systems, whereas, others may choose to utilize solar panels for hospitals to support basic equipment as well including air conditioning, electricity, and others. Again, estimating the total load to support will help to choose the aptest system to sustain daily hospital operations.

Why Solar 2000?

When installing solar for hospitals in Karachi, there is no room for any compromise. As mentioned earlier, hospitals are live-saving facilities and need the highest standard solar panel system that can offer them consistent and reliable power supply to support the desired load including critical life-saving equipment, as well as, basic equipment.

At Solar2000, we bring in international expertise along with decades of industry experience in installing the highest quality standard solar power system in Karachi. Our expert engineers and technicians come with strong industry experience in designing and installation of custom solar power systems for hospitals. We are offering the most competitive pricing for solar for hospitals in Karachi with no compromise on the quality of product or installation.

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