Net Metering in Karachi – On Grid Solar

Net metering is a highly valuable concept for solar system owners. While the concept is still in its inception stage in Pakistan, it’s a well-established concept across the world, where solar system owners have the option to sell excess solar energy to the national grid. Net metering has also seen success in a few major cities, where the regional grids are able to buy the excess solar energy from residential, commercial or industrial solar system owners.

Net metering in Karachi and other cities in Pakistan is an ideal concept for all solar system owners (residential, commercial or industrial) looking to save costs and earn some extra cash from their investment in the solar system. Since Karachi and most other cities in Pakistan are blessed with ample sunlight throughout the year, many times the solar panels array installed in facilities generates more energy than needed in our daily use. This excessive energy will go wasted if not for net metering.

With solar net meters, this excessive energy generated during the day can be sold to the grid to either earn cash or to compensate for the electricity used from the grid at night. NEPRA has already laid out the regulations regarding net metering in Karachi and for the whole country, thereby, it’s a legal and highly beneficial option for solar system owners in Pakistan to avail.

net metering in Pakistan

Benefits of Net Metering In Karachi

Free electricity generation is already too good a concept for residents and businesses in Karachi, but it becomes even better if you are to sell this free energy and earn real money. Here are some of the benefits of net metering in Karachi and other cities of Pakistan:

net metering in Pakistan

Control Electric Bills

With solar net meters installed with your solar panel array, you get complete control to manage your electricity bills. You can easily regulate energy bills by selling off the excess energy produced during the day and compensating it for any energy used from the grid during the night.


Installing net metering in Karachi and other major cities along with residential or industrial solar systems comes at a reasonable cost which won’t break your bank. Especially considering the long-term benefits of the concept, it is fast becoming a popular choice for solar system owners in Pakistan.

Why Energy2000?

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