Hybrid Solar Solution in Karachi

The solar system has gained much popularity and appreciation across Pakistan, as more homeowners and businesses have started to integrate solar systems to overcome the insanely high energy prices coupled with frustrating power outages spanning hours each day. This massive demand in the solar system has given rise to the hybrid solar panel systems.

But what are hybrid solar solution Karachi? How do these solar systems work and what are their benefits?

Defining Hybrid Solar

When we talk about the hybrid solar system in Pakistan, it’s pretty similar to the traditional solar grid that most people are aware of. However, the difference between the traditional solar grid and a hybrid solar panel system is the use of batteries in the latter configuration, which are used to store generated power for later use. By integrated batteries with your solar system, domestic and commercial solar panel owners are able to harvest and store electricity produced at the day time to be used as a backup supply.

Thereby, when we talk about hybrid solar solution Karachi, it enables homeowners and businesses to use batteries as storage for solar energy to be used at night.

net metering in Pakistan

How the Hybrid Solar System Works

As said above, the hybrid solar panel system is pretty similar to the traditional solar grid where Photovoltaic panels are used to convert solar energy into electricity during the day. However, since these systems come with batteries, it enables domestic and commercial uses to store any excess energy produced during the days from the solar panels. Eventually, once the batteries are fully charged, the leftover energy that is not used during the day will go to the grid at your current feed-in-tariff rate.

net metering in Pakistan

During the nights, the homes of offices would be using electricity stored in the batteries during the day, as your power source. Also, in case of power outage from the electricity grid, your home/office will get an uninterrupted power supply from the batteries.

This means that you will be using the solar system to power your home and offices during the day, while also charging batteries for nighttime power supply, as well as, feeding any additional energy produced during the day to the electricity grid. At night, you will primarily be using the stored electricity to power your home/offices or can use this stored energy as a backup supply to be used during power outages. This wouldn’t just enable you to have a consistent and uninterrupted power supply, but also reduce your electricity cost by lowering your dependency from the regional electric grid.

Benefits of Hybrid Solar System

There are various benefits of hybrid solar solution Karachi. Below we will be discussing just a few of the advantages of installing a hybrid solar panel system at your premises:

Backup Capabilities

Karachi had faced chronic power shortage where the domestic and commercial users in the city had to face hours-long power outages every single day adversely impacting the personal lives, as well as, leaving businesses at disadvantage to compete nationally and internationally. With a hybrid solar system in Karachi, domestic and commercial users get to leverage uninterrupted power supply without having to depend on unreliable electricity from the grid.

Cost Saving

Electricity consumers in Karachi pay one of the highest tariffs not just across the country but also globally. The huge monthly electricity bills leave homeowners utterly devastated while leaving businesses at a disadvantage to compete. With the Hybrid solar energy system in Karachi, businesses and domestic electricity users are able to access a free supply of electricity for most of their daily needs, thus greatly reducing the cost of monthly electric bills.

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