Reliable & Affordable Farmhouse Solar Solution In Pakistan!

Reliable And Affordable Farmhouse Solar Solution In Pakistan!

For the first time in Pakistan, Energy 2000 Pvt. Ltd. brings exclusive farmhouse solar solutions for farmhouse owners.

Farmhouses are becoming a huge business, especially in major cities; offering city dwellers an opportunity to escape the hustling and bustling life of cities by retreating to the suburban lifestyle offered in farmhouses. However, maintenance of farmhouses isn’t the easiest or most affordable task, due to insanely expensive power prices in Pakistan; especially Interior Sindh, South Punjab, Interior Punjab, and Balochistan. To make things even worse, hour’s long power outages make it impossible for farmhouse owners in Pakistan to rely on grid electricity alone, whereas, diesel generators are even more expensive to maintain and operate.

At Energy 2000 Pvt. Ltd., we work in close collaboration with farmhouses from the very beginning to the final installation and maintenance of the solar systems. We offer the highest-quality solar system components to ensure the durability and reliability of the solar panels for farmhouses. Our technologist assesses the total power demand of farmhouses to give the best grid solution, which is then installed on premises of the farmhouse by our expert technicians and you get to rejoice a free and consistent supply of power for your farmhouse.

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Initial Visit and Inspection

As soon as you contact Energy 2000 Pvt. Ltd.’s customer representatives; our experts will arrange an initial visit to inspect the premises for various factors including the energy requirement, and feasibility of the place for solar panel installation. Here, our experts would also hear from clients their requirements and give them recommendations.

Preliminary Design

Once we are done with the initial consultation and inspection of the site and are on the same page, we will start working on the grid design; taking into account all the various factors that may influence the efficiency of the solar system.

Installing the System

Once the design is ready, our expert technicians will visit your premises on the set date with the complete installation system including solar panels and other necessary components required for the successful installation of the system. We ensure the timely installation of the system without interrupting the daily routine of the facility. Our skilled and trained technicians will ensure the quick and effective installation of the system to give you the best output of your investment in the farmhouse solar solution in Pakistan.

Energy 2000 Pvt. Ltd. – The Leading Solar System Solutions Provider in Pakistan!

Energy 2000 Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading solar solution providers in Pakistan offering high-quality, reliable, and affordable solar solutions for domestic, commercial, and agricultural users in the country. We come with decades of industry experience and a team of highly skilled and expert technicians and engineers working aptly to offer clients reliable and consistent solar solutions.

As a premium solar solution provider, we offer our clients with various exclusive packages that are designed specifically to meet the needs of certain sectors like agricultural, farmhouses, domestic or commercial users. All our solar solutions come with extended warranty for solar panels and other components to give clients the reliability and full worth of their investment into the solar systems.

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