Highly Efficient Solar Panels For Business

Are you a business owner facing chronic electricity cuts and a higher tariff of energy consumed?

Karachi has one of the highest tariffs of electricity in the world, which coupled with decades’ long electricity shortage makes it almost impossible for businesses in the city to continue their daily operations without interruptions. Traditionally, businesses rely on generators to cater to the electricity demands of offices, which is an expensive venture requiring diesel or petrol as fuel, as well as periodic maintenance.

Energy 2000 Pvt. Ltd. offers businesses affordable, reliable, and high ROI solar panels for business. These are ideal bundled systems that are meant to meet the varying energy needs of offices in the city. Our solar panels for businesses come with the highest-quality material, manufactured at state-of-the-art facilities, and ensure a higher return on investment for businesses.

In fact, our solar panels for business will become the start of your corporate sustainability initiative that not only helps you reduce your electricity bills and get a consistent supply of energy but also helps you transit to a greener and cleaner form of energy. Our expert technicians and installers will closely work with you from end to end to ensure seamless transition from traditional grid electricity to the commercial solar energy system.

Energy 2000 – Powering Businesses!

The Smart Choice

Businesses in Pakistan have faced a painful and frustrating increase in electricity costs over the years, which is making it harder for them to maintain their profitability. And to add to the pain of businesses, the super-expensive grid electricity offered is not even reliable as they have to face hours of load shedding, which further reduces their operational efficiency, making it next to impossible to compete nationally and internationally.

The commercial solar energy systems by Energy 2000 Pvt. Ltd. bring a smart choice for businesses to reinforce their energy needs and ensure a consistent supply of low-cost energy. The initial investment into commercial solar systems will pay off within a few years, while covering the energy needs of the business for over two decades.

Delivering Success

Energy 2000 Pvt. Ltd. comes with decades of experience working in various industrial and commercial sectors, and our expertise makes us your best choice for solar system installations at your establishments. We have the resources, capacity and expertise to install commercial solar systems as per the need and requirements of businesses. Our experienced designers and technicians will ensure your solar system is designed and installed most cost-effectively while covering your energy needs for today and tomorrow.

Premium Equipment

We bring in extensive experience at all levels of the value chain. The solar systems we use for commercial and industrial businesses are manufactured using premium quality materials at state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, ensuring superior performance and high durability for our clients. Typical commercial solar systems from Energy 2000 Pvt. Ltd. will last you up to 25 years, thereby making it a very intelligent and smart investment that will cover your energy needs for the coming decades.

Whether you’re looking for a commercial solar system in the form of solar panels for business and commercial use or if you’re interested in adopting this inexpensive technology into your home to cut down on hefty electricity costs and shortages, solar experts at Energy 2000 Pvt. Ltd. have got you covered!

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