Agricultural Solar Solutions

The agricultural community in Pakistan has been facing widespread problems due to economic and environmental conditions. Climate change is one of the biggest problems faced by the agricultural community, where uncertain rains become an existential threat for crops. The situation gets even worse given the expensive cost of electricity required for extracting underground water; making it harder for farmers to grow crops at competitive pricing.

Energy 2000 Pvt. Ltd.’s exclusive agriculture solar systems are meant to relieve farmers of their woes by dramatically enhancing their bottom lines and assisting them in achieving independence for electricity and water extraction through tube wells. We are one of the few solar system providers in Pakistan offering customized and exclusive solar panels for farms meant to improve their efficiency and productivity, so farmers can rejoice higher yields and more income. Over the years, we have successfully installed agricultural solar systems in various farms of all sizes across Pakistan. Our comprehensive range of solar solutions for farms with deep expertise in the industry makes us the right partner for farmers looking to boost their practice and save cost by switching to reliable and affordable agricultural solar solutions.

net metering in Pakistan

Solar-Powered Pumps – Affordability and Reliability for Farmers!

Energy 2000 Pvt. Ltd.’s exclusive solar-powered pumps are ideal for farmers looking for cheap and consistent water pumps for their farms. Our top-of-the-line, solar-powered pumps are the best alternative to traditional diesel generators which are quite expensive to operate and come with a higher carbon footprint (environmental pollution). We have successfully installed solar-powered pumps across hundreds of farms, community wells, and fish farming well across the country to assist our people with a clean and affordable energy source.

The Benefits of Solar Irrigation

Given the continuously rising cost of grid electricity along with decades-old chronic hours-long power outages, it is becoming increasingly difficult for farmers to keep up with their agricultural needs at competitive pricing. Energy 2000 Pvt. Ltd.’s exclusive agricultural solar systems are an ideal alternative power source for farms and rural consumers looking for consistent and affordable energy supply. Our state-of-the-art off-grid solar panels for farms are exclusively designed for farmers to give them access to power supply throughout the crop growing season, without having to rely on expensive and unreliable grid electricity.

Some of the main features of solar panels for farms include:

  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable
  • Long lifetime (25 years warranty for solar panels)
  • Versatile
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Affordable/Free energy source
  • Independence from grid electricity

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